Designing a new community magazine for Bermondsey

Bermondsey is famous for its diverse bustling streets and alleyways, converted warehouses and stylish riverside apartments. We were tasked with delivering a magazine that spoke to everyone, a magazine in and off Bermondsey.

Working on a project for such a diverse target audience has its challenges, we needed to ensure the magazine sparked the imagination of everyone that read it. We needed it to speak to local residents by accurately representing Bermondsey in print.

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Multi-cover design

At this point the magazine didn’t have a name, making designing the front cover a challenge as it had to convey the future design language whilst not being prohibitively specific.

We designed a series of front covers in-line with the five proposed names, these covers where visually arranged in such as way as to represent a stack of magazines on a coffee table.


The idea being that readers could visualise the different visual look options available, as part of the questionnaire they where then asked to vote on their favourite name, the winner of which would go forward to future issues.


Final outcome

From cover to cover, the final design of the magazine is unmistakably Bermondsey. During summer 2018, over four thousand issues of the magazine where printed and distributed to residents and businesses in Bermondsey.

Issue Zero helped to collect local information and establish a link between the reader and the magazine to help guide future editorials and provide a way of collecting valuable data to petition local council on important issues.


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