Bringing late night contemporary dining to Canada Water

Focusing on a love of music, great interior design, and fresh seasonal produce, Leadbelly's approached us with a clear brief. To develop a new family of menus to better represent their space's unique design.

We where tasked with developing new Brunch, Lunch, Sunday, Evening, Children's and Drinks menus. Each with their own unique character whilst being recognisably one brand. Read the full story



Site visit

Brought to you by the team behind The Mayflower Pub, Leadbelly’s is their latest venture, bringing  late night contemporary dining to Canada Water.

We visited Leadbelly’s Canada Water to get an understanding of the brand, what it feels like, what it stands for and most importantly, who is it for.


The team took photographs, sketches and rubbings of the various colours, patterns and textures present in the bar and restaurant. This data was collated and presented to the client as three distinct design directions.


Hand cut & printed

The chosen design direction references the myriad of plants adorning the space. Featured plants influenced a series of hand cut and printed floral patterns. These patterns guided the subsequent design of the menus themselves.


more work

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print / editorial

Designing a magazine that speaks to everyone

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branding  / strategy / social media / motion graphics / copywriting

Creating the most colourful black and white brand in the world

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motion graphics

Created from sound - Ultraphonic

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