We are a London Design Studio, creating meaningful design through experimentation and collaboration

The journey starts here,
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The journey starts here, scroll down to find out more

We are a London Design Studio, creating meaningful design through experimentation and collaboration

betwixt and between /bɪˌtwɪkst (ə)n bɪˈtwiːn/ neither the one nor the other; in the middle:
Filling the gap between art and design, they are betwixt and between.

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We believe that when you create assets from scratch, you intimately know every detail of a project. It’s what makes our work unique and it’s why you’ll never see anything else like it…

We are a small team of incredibly passionate creatives, combining disciplines to push creative boundaries forward across both digital, and physical mediums. We have built a studio around our creativity, our love of experimenting and our passion for making and developing original content.


We create bespoke design that stands out for its originality, its experimental nature and the people behind it.

Leadbelly’s brings late night contemporary dining to Canada Water.

Focusing on a love of music, great interior design, and fresh seasonal produce, Leadbelly's approached us with a clear brief.  To develop a new range of menus to better represent their unique brand aesthetic.

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London's leading fashion photography studio.

Experts in commercial packshot photography and fashion PR imagery, Little Red Panda tasked us with developing consistent branding across all brand collateral.

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The most colourful black and white brand in the world...

coleslaw is a new online community & store celebrating the best independent design from around the world.

It’s a non-conformist marketplace designed to catch your attention through provocative and distinctive design.

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Who have we worked with:

Leadbellys Bar and Kitchen LogoVolvo LogoThames Digital LogoSamsung LogoRyman LogoUltraphonic Logo

We work hard to establish long lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients. And just like any good relationship, ours is built on honesty. If we feel you would be better suited elsewhere, we will do our best to put you in touch with the right people.

Alternatively if you have a skill / service you think we should know about, we are always on the look out for enthusiastic partners that share our ethos to join our network. That could be as part of the team in the studio or as a partner we call on.

Always experimenting, always original; betwixt and between offer a wide ranging list of creative services, from graphic design to videography.

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary designers, meaning that we can adapt to any project. And for larger projects, we have worked hard to establish a network of creative partners, ensuring that we always have the right people and equipment for the job.

We work with companies to build and develop their brands, strategy, social media, imagery, websites, products and more.

Services we offer:

- Brand strategy
- Branding
- Editorial design
- Web design
- User interface design
- User experience design
- Product design
- Motion graphics
- Videography
- Photography
- Wayfinding
- Spacial design
- Social media design
- Social media maintenance

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We believe that the best results always come from original content, that's why our design process encompasses both physical content experimentation / development, and digital ideation and creation.

Combined they have over ten years experience in the industry, working with clients from a wide variety of industries including automotive, hospitality, education and health care. Including the Volkswagen Group, Volvo, Samsung, Waitrose and the NHS.

In business, when you find someone that complements you, you’d be stupid not to start a company - that's why in 2017, Petras Ulickas and Dominic Waring founded betwixt and between. They share a common interest in the interplay of creative disciplines and the belief that great work comes from collaboration.

Innovation doesn’t happen sitting still and that's why experimentation is at the heart of everything we do at betwixt and between. The team has a passion for hands-on design which is reflected in the studios design process.

As a creator, your work adopts part of your personality. That’s why it’s so important to only work with people you connect with.

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Petras Ulickas

Dominic Waring

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We love collaborating on exciting projects, we realise innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We partner with a wide range of people from across creative disciplines to help inform, shape and create meaningful design.

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