Re-aligning London's leading fashion photography brand

Little Red Panda is a leading London fashion eCommerce photography, experts in commercial packshot photography and fashion PR imagery.

We were tasked with developing their social media content to better align it with their brands creative values. As the visual style developed, we worked with LRP to roll it out across all brand collateral; creating a more consistent brand look.

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Brand re-align

We felt that the existing LRP logo was a bold representation of the brand, was well known and reputable within the industry, and as such didn't need to be re-aligned . After meeting with their team and exploring their studio space, we identified that the presence of the brand lied within the quality of work and the people behind it. All we needed to do - was highlight it.

The LRP brand re-alignment is neutral, bold and confident; in line with the interpretation of the brand mark.


Social Media

Traditional posts don’t promote the LRP brand, they promote their services and the brands that they feature. As a company that specialises in creating the best imagery possible for other companies, and with such a diverse range of clients and subjects, it was very difficult to promote their own brand and build the brand presence.

As part of the social media content strategy, we designed a series of brand awareness posts, separated into three distinct categories each with a little nod to the name, Panda Picks, Little Details and Red Hot:


Panda Picks - Monthly selection of LRP's most favourite themes.

Red Hot - A collection of all things red.

Little Details Matter - Attention to detail shoots collection.

LRP website

A refresh was needed to re-align the existing LRP website to the new brand standards established with social whilst improving responsiveness, call to actions and search engine optimisation.

The new bold visual language reflects the studios photographic aesthetic. Setting the tone for how they are outwardly perceived.


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