Creating the most colourful black and white brand in the world

A new online community and marketplace, celebrating the best independent art and design from around the world. coleslaw ™ aims to inspire people to explore the creative industry, support independent artists and designers, work smarter, play harder and ultimately live better lives.

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Brand guidelines

coleslaw ™ brand comprises of two altering brand marks - logo type and social icon. The logo type is a bold and powerful typeface evoking the culture of design behind the minimal and neutral typeface, leaving it’s core values of an independent art and design community.

The strength of the coleslaw ™ visual communication is the ability to adapt without boundaries to the ever changing, colourful and versatile arts and design culture and the people behind it.


Brand movement

This is where the coleslaw ™ brand really comes alive. An eclectic mix of animation styles and content, representative of the community behind the brand.

Consistent brand elements create animations that are unique and recognisably coleslaw ™.


Coleslaw patterns

The coleslaw ™ brand heavily utilises patterns and abstract graphics. Eye-catching, distinctive and yet neutral at the same time.

Patterns such as these can be viewed as a metaphor for the coleslaw ™ brand, individually these are just symbols, they stand for what they mean. But when combined, they create something bigger, something greater than the sum of its parts. Something beautiful.


Website design

The place where the magic is brought together. The digital representation of the brand. The coleslaw ™ website is the gateway to a world of independent art and design, an exciting mix of everything from creator interviews, educational posts, industry insights and e-commerce, everything is brought together in a supportive online community. Where creatives and customers come together to discuss, explore, learn and share.



Branding doesn’t stop at the door, take coleslaw ™ with you. Let it be a bold visual representation of the values that you hold dear as a conscious consumer, proud to show that you support independent design and be in the knowledge that you are furthering the cause by helping to spread the word.


more work

We create bespoke design that stands out for its originality, its experimental nature and the people behind it.

motion graphics

Created from sound - Ultraphonic

coming soon
print / editorial / copywriting

Hand crafted menus for a Restaurant in Canada Water

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print / editorial

Designing a magazine that speaks to everyone

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We are social creatures, we love updating our social media channels to show you the exciting projects we are working on at betwixt and between! You can also follow our founders and to get an idea of what it’s like behind the scenes in the studio. We love collaborating on exciting projects, we realise innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We partner with a wide range of people from across creative disciplines to help inform, shape and create meaningful design.

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