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Positively motivating

This one’s a tricky one. Motivation is… personal. In my opinion you typically fall into one of three categories when it comes to motivation.

The first group are people that are motivated by materialistic goals. The second are motivated by freedom, be it financial or physical (e.g. not being tied to a 9-5 desk job). Finally the third are those who are motivated by a passion for their craft. There are crossovers, but typically you fall into one of these three categories. Money, freedom, passion. I’d be interested to know which category you fall into!

Whatever motivates you to get out of bed, to start your own company, to work weekends, you will sometimes have an off day. Or week. Or month, and that’s ok. Just don’t waste this time, use it to refocus your thoughts and prioritise your next tasks so that when you do have a good day you don’t waste time planning. You can start actioning your plan and by completing small tasks you will build on this good momentum and slowly you WILL dig yourself out.

Believe it or not, everyone feels down and unmotivated occasionally. They might be good at hiding it, but no one is immune to self doubt. No one. Your personal life could be getting you down, your career might not being going as well as you had hoped, or there might be something you can’t quite put your finger on.

Whatever it is just remember that not everything goes to plan and it’s ok to take some time to clear your head. It’s what you do next that really matters. Positivity is the real key to success.

Written by :
Dominic Waring
Dominic Waring
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